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Finding the right pay


Not sure what your job is worth? The Queensland Government has a useful link to help you find the right pay. Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman for more information.

Pay rates for many employees changed on 1 July 2010 - where their modern award has transitional arrangements. Pay rates (including loadings and penalties) under these modern awards will continue to change as the modern award rates of pay are phased in over a period of four years. The full modern award rates will apply from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2014. This transition period gives employers and employees time to adjust to the changes. You can read more about modern awards and the transitional arrangements in the Awards section of this website.

During this time, to calculate pay rates, you need to refer to the pre-modern award entitlement that used to cover the employee before 1 January 2010, as well as the relevant modern award entitlement. Where there was no existing loading or penalty applying under the existing instrument then the new loading or penalty in the modern award is also progressively introduced.

Transitional arrangements do not apply under all modern awards. If your award does not include transitional provisions, the full modern award rates applied from 1 January 2010.

The tools below, along with some information provided by you, can quickly and easily help you find the right pay.

1. PayCheck
Not sure what pay rate applies to you? PayCheck is a simple search tool that will give you a base rate of pay for that job.
Launch PayCheck

2. Payroll Check
Want to work out a number of pay rates? Payroll Check is a tool that allows you to calculate multiple base rates of pay for a number of different staff and employers. 
Launch Payroll Check

3. Pay Rates Calculator
Want to work out penalty rates from 1 July 2010? The Pay Rates Calculator can work out the base rate of pay and penalty rates for a single shift or hour by hour. It’s designed for payroll staff and advanced users.
Launch Pay Rates Calculator

4. Award Finder
Award Finder makes it easy to search for modern and pre-modern awards. You’ll need to know which award covers you to use other tools on this page.
Launch Award Finder


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